Thursday, October 2, 2008

Why blog for KServe CRM

As the founder of the company that brought out the K-Serve CRM range of products, there are two primary reasons for this blog .

a) CRM as an area is moving from being a luxury being implemented by big companies to something that every company needs to have. While this is happening, there is a ton of information that needs to be conveyed about the exciting changes that are happening in CRM. These CRM products are are affordable, and affordable does not mean compromise. It just means that features that typically are available only in the the 'Porsche's of CRM are now available in the regular sedans meant for everyone.

b) We are making KServe CRM a true representative of this new generation and so a lot of what we do for KServe applies directly to these new generation of CRM products.

I hope to highlight real world situations where CRM can make a major difference, to dispel myths, to communicate CRM in a positive light, and yet be realistic in what it can do for your company.

Looking forward to your comments.

George Vettath
Founder Kallos Solutions & the K-Serve range of Enterprise products

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