Thursday, October 2, 2008

A tale of two VP's (of Sales)

"I need the latest projections of sales with accuracy of +/-5%, and I need it in the next two hours". A typical question like that from an alert CEO can draw highly different responses from the VP of sales, depending on how well your organization is geared up.

VP - A: "Phew - that's unreasonable. He knows it. He knows I'm going to have to cook up a good part of it. Anyway I'll do the best I can. Last months report is not too bad - the regional managers must have updated it at least 15 days back. I can't trust the figures in the East and the West as always - their sales teams projections are always over optimistic. And the South is always conservative - those guys know how to project low and achieve more. And Sandra spends all of her time just getting them to give it in the right spreadsheet format. Should do something about it. Meanwhile lets get something that will keep the CEO happy".

VP B: "Not a problem - Sandra will place it on your desk to you in the next 5 minutes, or better still - it is already there there as an alert in our Sales CRM application. You can be sure that it is as accurate as we can get - and it will be correct to the minute. Im confident that the supply chain team can do their production planning based on these figures too".

A tale of two Vice Presidents. A tale of two organizations. The difference a good Sales CRM can make. That difference may make the difference in survival in a brutal competitive environment out there. The difference, however, took a lot of effort - in choosing and implementing the CRM succesfully.

And that difference is what we want to make in organizations - India and world wide. In our organization we know that there are many providing such solutions, but like the second VP we want to do it the better way. Track us at to know more.

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