Thursday, October 9, 2008

Try getting the sales team to enter data to the Sales CRM

A typical response in Sales CRM by a rep.

"Sure, the Sales CRM is great. All big guys up there want to get real time data up to the minute. What about us - we enter the data and the same data is used to beat us up with. Moreover, its too difficult to enter. I hate reporting".

Well, partly correct. But if done correctly that same person may become an ardent fan of a Sales CRM.

"Wow, Sales CRM truly is great. Now the big guys out there are off my back and are not calling me for information about cases, or paining me for delays in reports. They get it direct from the system. I used to spend 6-8 hours a week on reporting and now I just spend 10 minutes a day. I can do it while Im traveling and I dont miss my appointments with all those nice alerts on my mobile. I seem to be getting more leads sent to me than ever before. Wonder how I managed without it".

To make this happen, you need a good CRM, a Sales CRM designed to ensure that data entered is minimum and entered once".

A well crafted software with good defaulting, good navigation and good design can achieve a lot. At KServe we make this our mission - how to make the end field person enjoy using the software and want to use it, rather than be forced to use it.

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