Friday, October 3, 2008

Does your sales co-ordinator hate spreadsheets?

Most sales co-ordinators have nightmares about spreadsheets. A Sales CRM would make a major difference in their daily work day. Here is a typical before and after scenario for them.

"Before the Sales CRM was implemented, I spent my time chasing people for spreadsheets, and when I do get them I spend time cleaning them, aggregating them across the sales hierarchy, filling up holes with assumptions, and preparing them in the format the VP needs. And when I finally get to complete it, she wants something else. Whoever invented spreadsheets! Well, I must admit it is at least better than paper and email".

"Now I have a better role - I'm a sales analyst. Reports at all levels are coming in automatically. I spend my time analysing trends, tracking performance and even advising people on opportunities on trends that are emerging. I remember that look on my VP's face when I told him that her team should focus efforts in the healthcare segment and no longer in the financial services market because that is what the data was pointing to. Should I tell him that the Regional Manager in the West is an unrecognized star, while the territory head in the South was a big talker with no results? No I won't tell her that, but I'll give the report that lets her figure that one out easily. The effort to get the CRM implemented was definitely worth it"

The assumption is of course that the CRM implementation was done well, and a good product was implemented.

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